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Flood Tide
Beartooth Mountains
Storm, Shell Valley
The Owl Incident
Cassie and Pipa, Norwood Farm
Norwood Farm, Fall
Watching Documentaries
Home on the Range
6. Wake 36x48 in
Almanack Pond Road - Daytime
Almanack Pond Road - Night
Wind and Rain
By the Sea
Union Street
Squam Swamp
Dead Horse Valley
White Lake Revisited
Black Mountain
Studio Sheep



The inspiration for my work comes from places and personal discoveries experienced through direct observation. Walking daily in the landscape is central to my process. One thing leads to another. Each walk is recorded with a brief notation and quick chalk drawing.


I take many photographs and re-configure, combine and manipulate these images in the studio using Photoshop. I often create an “event” with a small aquarium as a contained environment, using water; light, reflections and plant life to further manipulate the photograph. The resulting recorded images are used as a reference for my paintings.


I combine many separate encounters into one composition to suggest layers of time and agents of change. The act of painting directs me to pay attention. The work is often dense and detailed requiring me – and the viewer to stay in this environment for a long time.


Often my intent is to explore what happens if the distinctions between wild nature and human constructions collapse – intrigued by the possibility of “re-wilding” and unpredictable encounters.





Sherre Wilson Liljegren was born in Philadelphia, PA. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and her graduate degree from Massachusetts College of Art. She was awarded two residency fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson Vermont in 2000 and 2003.  Wilson Liljegren has served on the Board of Directors at the Artists’ Association of Nantucket from 2007 to the present.  She has studied and worked in Shropshire, England; Andalusia, Spain; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Naxos, Greece; and New York, NY.  She currently lives on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and Shell, Wyoming.

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